Danielle is amazing! When I came to Danielle it had been on the tails of many doctors appointments and not having answers. I had three different issues that doctors said: “Some people just have that and we don’t know why.” Danielle and working holistically through healing my gut didn’t accept those as answers. When I started I was had stomach pain and low energy all the time. I would have to pretty much run to the bathroom after every single meal because of stomach issues. After only a couple months of healing my gut I am in a place where I genuinely feel healed. My energy is way better, my stomach rarely hurts. And I never have to run to the bathroom. Working with Danielle did nothing short of make me feel the best I have in 20 years.
— Taylor D.

It’s been 3 weeks since we worked together and I just want to give you a progress update. I’ve lost 12 inches: waist 5 inches; chest 3 inches; hips 4 inches! And a total of 26 pounds! But as I’ve said, the numbers don’t tell the real story. I’m so much healthier! My asthma, allergies and arthritis symptoms are so reduced that I’m not having to “manage” my symptoms and adjust my daily activities accordingly. Honestly, I don’t feel restricted by them at all. I may still be experiencing my “personal summers”/hot flashes, but that fog that comes with menopause is gone.

I want to thank you again for all your support, education and coaching. It’s made all the difference improving my quality of life!
— Kanette

Working with Danielle has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my life. I have always had issues with my health and weight. I was always so overwhelmed with trying to eat healthy. There are so many diets out there and nothing has ever worked long term. I would lose a lot of weight in a month or two by following all these restrictions. While I had a nice short term fix, within a few months I would find myself in the same spot as before I tried the diet, sometimes even worse off than before. After my most recent diet failure was when I met Danielle. Choosing to work with her is one of the best decisions I have made. She listened to all my struggles. She gave me a safe space to feel scared about trying something new. She listened to all my fears and she slowly broke them all down. She taught me to change my mindset. That healthy eating isn’t a destination; that this needs to be a journey, and that only I know how that will look and that I am the one in control of this journey. I have let my weight control me for 25 years. I am so proud to say, that after working with Danielle I am finally in control again. She provided me with tools and resources for living a healthier lifestyle. She doesn’t just focus on food, but also teaches you how to live healthier in all aspects of your life. Whether it be cutting out plastics or trying to focus on a more active lifestyle, she gives you the tools to lead a healthy lifestyle. With what she has taught me, I have not only dropped down to the lowest weight in the last 7 years, but I finally feel free. I no longer feel trapped by my weight and my unhealthy habits. I am beyond thankful to Danielle for help and for giving back the confidence I needed to live a successful and healthy life.
— Jennifer

When I arrived at my first appointment with Danielle, I was tired. My body ached and my stomach hurt; I suffered from terrible brain fog and insomnia. I was frustrated. My body felt out of wack and unbalanced. Danielle worked tirelessly to bring my body back into balance. She tweaked my diet and suggested supplements to heal my adrenal fatigue, support my digestive system, and feed my brain. She took the time to check in regularly to see how I was feeling and to answer my questions. Danielle is nothing short of amazing. As a result of her work, my brain works! My digestion is strong! I can sleep! I have energy! I’m so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with Danielle. My relationship with my body, and therefore my life, will never be the same.
— Cassie

Danielle is an amazing practitioner who does not stop until you are well! She has a vast knowledge of the human body and how it functions. She is open-minded, caring and thorough in her organic and personalized approach to resolving health issues. Since working with Danielle I have increased energy, better digestion, rested sleep and clearer thinking. Danielle is wonderful and I would highly recommend her and her services.
— Emily H.

Before working with Danielle, I felt tired all the time, my joints ached, my feet and ankles would swell by the end of the day and I was often bloated and “hangry.” I could not have imagined what I was about to discover. With Danielle’s knowledge, support and encouragement I learned how to properly read food labels, discovered that I was highly sensitive to soy and tried new things that I never would have tried before. This adventure is a continuing journey, but thanks to Danielle I lost weight, my joints no longer ache, my feet and ankles no longer swell, I’m not bloated and I don’t have those “hangry” mood swings. I will be forever grateful for Danielle’s approach, she worked with me to find the right answers for me and that will stay with me forever.
— Mary E.